Relentik is now offering a mastering service for Electronic Dance Music. We know how tracks need to sound to compete alongside the top releases, and our mastering service will give your mix that final coat of polish, that extra bit of shine a mix needs to get that 'pro sound' everyone wants.

Email with the track(s) you want mastering, or if you have any questions about the service we provide.

Each track costs £15 for professional master, including a free revision (if needed).

Why choose Relentik Mastering?

Our mastering engineer has worked on multiple tracks which went on to reach the top10, and unlike some mastering houses, our guy knows the scene, knows the sound, and knows what's needed to make your tracks compete with other tracks in the genre. This is a particular problem with genres such as dubstep, which, in the last year or 2, have evolved sonically, to the point where traditional mastering paradigms don't apply. We can make your mix as loud as you like - whether you simply want it in the same ballpark as other releases, or so loud that it'll get you evicted. Including a reference track is a great way to insure our engineer pushes it just as far as you desire.

In addition to this, we can guarantee a turnaround time of 1-2 business days.


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